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Règlementation & Valeurs

Règlementation & Valeurs


Chloé 31 y/o

Chloe graduated in 2011, she has been teaching ski for 14 years with a high-level alpine ski base, and an experience in freeride competition on the European FWQ circuit.

Today, her passion for the mountain world animates her, leading her to travel in neighbouring valleys or foreign countries.

Sharing her knowledge and skills with people of all levels, ages and backgrounds feeds his personal experience and the desire to transmit the spirit that she relates to.

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Andréas 32 y/o

Graduated in 2014, Andréas has been teaching ski for 14 years and has acquired the solid and essential bases of alpine skiing at the Ski Club des Arcs for many years, as well as skiing study of Bourg-Saint-Maurice.

He began exploring outside the marked trails at 17 years old. Next to his formation of wood framework with Les Compagnons, he continues his exploration of the summits and the slopes of the Alps.

After a few visits to ski schools, meetings, climbing, the mountain and the creation of Charpentes de l'Arc in 2012, everything leads him to the local life, in harmony with this mountain, snow-covered or not, that he wants to pass on to others through his traditional values.

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Regulation and values

As ski instructors, our prerogatives allow us to teach the practice of Off-piste and Nordic Ski ki Touring on one or multiple days, without altitude limit, excluding glacial zones.

For any practice on glaciers, please contact mountain guides. The practice of Heliski is not aligned with the values we want to share, a close-to-nature practice. You can contact the different companies offering this service !

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