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the wild side

of the mountain

Freeride & hors pist Ski Wild

It is the dream practice, powder flying, the freedom of the first track...


A trendy practice that allows nature lovers to expand their playing field, away from the trails and frequented routes of the resorts.


Teaching ski at all levels and all ages, while respecting the mountain spirit, associated with the values ​​we wish to convey.


A group of independent ski instructors from les Arcs, in the heart of Haute Tarentaise in Savoie, but first of all childhood friends who grew up on skis and share the same passion for the mountains, the same desire to discover the sensations of gliding and the practice in full nature. Learning to ski is for us, a way to explore the wild side of the mountain in winter ...


Discover the course of Chloé & Charly, two qualified instructors on the ground since tens of years. These natives and mountain enthusiasts want to transmit and share their knowledge of this universe and the sports that accompany it, but also the good plans that go with it.

Learnt more in 3 morning with Chloe than I did all week skiing. She was very patient and encouraging and I really enjoyed my lessons. 

Emma R.


Customer Reviews

We Booked Chloe to help our 3 teenage children progress with their skiing during our stay in Tignes. We found her really professional, friendly and patient. The children’s skiing improved massively during the week. We would highly recommend her. Thank you again Chloe ! 

Sarah C.


Our children, aged 15, 13 and 8 really enjoyed their 3 mornings with Chloe. She tailored the lessons to their different standards and they all improved greatly. Chloe was friendly, patient and encouraging and I would definitely recommend her.

Victoria P.


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